I always get nostalgic when putting my car in reverse.

It really takes me back.

Boise State defense really getting that pressure.

Broncos defensive line getting to the QB without having to blitz.

The defensive line is very much a strength for the Broncos and it is very encouraging to see the success rate.

Also this is pretty decent company insofar as teams are concerned.

Bronco soccer extends shutout streak to nine in win over Fresno State

Talk about a wall of a defense!

Credit: Boise State Athletics

Bronco recruit nets a fourth star on 247Sports

Which is great!

The hard part now is going to fend off the full-court press from the other schools that will notice that and swoop in. The coaches do have some awesome tape to showcase the new(ish perhaps temproary?) offense. The important thing is to show how flexible we can be with whatever set up.

Some coaches on the hot seat

This article is a bunch of mehhhh in my book. They have Andy Avalos as one of the coaches. I don’t interpret him as being the MOST on the hot seat though. the author admits Avalos is most likely the coolest on the seat but his inclusion overall makes me roll my eyes.

Two former Boise State coaches are on this list as well. One pretty obvious, the other probably makes sense.


You like The Office? You can watch a floating QR code block. In case you’re curious, I already scanned it and all it does is link you to the site on your smart phone.