What do you call a sad strawberry?

A blue berry.

Welp, it was going to happen eventually

This was the strangest pairing for both sides. I never understood why Harsin took this job. I get he was eventually going to leave Boise State but figured it was for a west coast team. Honestly the Arizona State vacancy might be a wayyyy better fit for the former Boise State head coach. He’s too competitive to not be in coaching. and the two+ months he’s going to have off (and extra $15 million) is going to be super-nice.

On a somewhat more detail note, here is Harsin’s coaching philosophy

Honestly it seems pretty thorough. Seemed like a tough, but fair, approach. BUT the personality part of the whole equation cannot be understated. Cool to see some perspective from The Chosen One and other Boise State greats.

This tweet is asking the tough question

And, yes, Colorado State did get beat that bad.

Gosh that offense was pretty terrible. And an oline that was just terribad. A good tune up for the BYU game this Saturday.

CBS Sports has Boise State at no. 48

Which is a five slot drop. That’s… dumb.

While we are at CBS: Bowl Projection

Nothing you haven’t seen before (Los Angeles Bowl). But it seems to be consistent.

In case you folks need to know when the game is kicking off on Saturday

5 pm if you’re going to be at the game. The actual channel is still somewhat up to debate. If a game seven is needed for the World Series and whatnot.


Try Landing on the Moon.