Because we all know–good and well–that it was!

As you may have recently been made aware, the parent company of SB Nation recently, suddenly, and rather unceremoniously informed the majority of college football blogs on their platform that they were going to lose hosting. This has since occurred. As of last night (09/29/2022), we are no longer on We now have a new home, and we’re very excited to have you all here with us!

As alluded to in our final post over at that other place, our plan in order to sustain this community, enable our writers to continue to justify this enhanced hobby to their spouses, and to potentially even attract additional talent someday, is to make it at least somewhat profitable. To most effectively do that, we will be creating a partial subscription model, where some of the content will be categorized as “premium”. To be clear, however, there will always be a tier of content that will remain free. And, frankly, until we can iron out some of the kinks, put in place some familiar features (comments, fanposts, etc…), and spruce up the aesthetics of the site a bit over the next couple weeks (probably), all of it will be.

For anyone that’s found their way here for the first time, you’re gonna love it! Unless, of course, you’re just here on loan from the dark side (ie: any non-Boise State college fanhood). In which case, we hope you’ll soon see reason and join us, so stick around! Further, if you are new here, as a crash-course on “us”, we’re just five guys that really really love Boise State athletics. We demonstrate that by creating articles and content that are actual pieces of news, mixed with our own musings as lifelong Bronco fans, as well as varying degrees of wit–on a scale of me (Michael) to our highest echelon of cleverness (let’s be real…that’s Drew). Also, with the exception of our newest addition, we’ve all been doing this for YEARS. Over a decade for Drew, and fast approaching a decade for myself, Damien, and Ryan.

Bookmark this site and follow all of our @FKWGblog creators on Twitter: Drew (@mybrainissmart), Ryan (@TheProski), Damien (@suntoktotheface), Hunter (@UnterHonson), and Michael (@StackBackpack).

You can get straight-laced, impartial news anywhere in the Boise sports news landscape, and we heartily endorse the vast majority of those outlets! There’s a lot of really good people that cover the Boise State sports scene and we’re lucky to have them all. Our schtick though, and what makes us unique, is that aside from being moderately funny guys sometimes is that we are decidedly NOT impartial. If you’re looking for objectivity, that is not us. Most of us graduated from Boise State, but all of us are and have been massive Bronco fans for life. That is what we bring to the table that no other major outlet offers. We are you…just with press credentials. So, we are poised and ready to bring you all the best Bronco content we can muster!

For anyone that’s followed us through this transition, thank you SO much for taking the leap of faith with us as we all take a leap of faith on a new era of Bronco offense tonight against San Diego State. And for those of you that are just truly obsessed, ride-or-dies that (inexplicably) would support us no matter what (you know who you are)…you guys kick so much * bw * it could make a person go blind. We love you all and we are tremendously grateful to every one of you for your past support, but especially as we navigate this transformation. We’ll commence usual programming starting today, but for now, always, and forever…