Tomorrow is the final matchup (for now) of Boise State vs BYU. Boy howdy it’s been a weird series. Last year I wasn’t expecting much but, lo and behold, Boise State dropped the no 19 Cougars and effectively ruined any chance of a NY6 game. It was a good day.

Having said that, I am definitely nervous for tomorrow as these games can go in any direction so getting TOO confident is a fool’s errand.

Let’s just say that there is at least a chance of sustained happiness. But the games still need to be played.

Here are the rules:

We are going to keep this simple this year on the predict the scores. No need to overly complicate this.

Guess the actual score as close as you can (obviously) but in the event that no one gets the score 100% correct, we are going to go with how close you guys were. Just… just make my job easier and get it right from the outset, mmkay?

  • Tiebreakers: Let’s just not have ties, ok? I just need this to be fairly straight forward and easy on everyone. Especially since we aren’t going to be having any awards.
  • Always choose the Broncos to win. No matter the odds. Picking against the Broncos risks a lifetime ban. I’m kidding of course. But seriously.
  • Good luck to everyone making their respective guesses and I hope it’s an early evening.

Your turn