Did anyone see the joke I posted recently about my spine?

It was about a weak back.

(Note: this was supposed to post 11/21/22 but something went wrong.)

More gambling stuff

Broncos up as a 14 point favorite vs the Utah State Aggies. Casual reminder that the Broncos also were 14 point favorites against _yoming. It’s comforting to know that Vegas believes in us. But the games are played for a reason.

George Tarlas accepts a post-season all-star game

Congratulations to Mr. Tarlas.

Guess who won the CFL Grey Cup?

The game was broadcasted on ESPN last night for those of us in the states. The main reason I bring it up is local connection, former Bronco QB Ryan Dinwiddie is the head coach of the Argonauts. The article inexplicably leaves him out. But it happened to be the first one I found and went with. Oh well. Congratulations to Coach Dinwiddie and his squad in the frosty north.

Broncos at no. 52 in ESPN’s SP+ ($)

Yes, I understand it’s doubtful many folks are going to pay for an ESPN subscription. BUT looking at the rankings is always fun and helpful.

Bronco basketball had itself a decent weekend too

WBB started the day off with a dub.

And then the MBB capped it off with a second win in the Myrtle Beach Invitational.

I know it’s just how math works but the second-place team (Charlotte, who Broncos lost to in the opening rounds) has as many wins as fifth-place Broncos. Obviously would rather “just win” in these situations but find it kind of amusing.

Boise State receiving more points in the AP Poll

Not quite in the top-25 yet BUT, if we extrapolate the points out, they are no. 29. For the record I hate it when folks do that.

Speaking of football stuffs

IF you are able to do so, please make it a point to get to the Mountain West championship game. We have a shade less than two weeks to sell as many tickets as possible. And at $25 and $45 per ticket it’s quite affordable to go. Obviously life has other plans for folks but this is a good opportunity to send the Broncos into the bowl-season with as much support and momentum as possible.


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