It was another eventful week for our boys in the pros. Ryan Dinwiddie wins the whole province of Canada, David Moa finds linemen to constrict in warmer temps, and Kellen Moore finds a supporter in the midst of ignorance.

Kellen hate has gone beyond all reason, but I’m glad we still have soldiers standing guard
Dinwiddie DRINKS THE GREY CUP. (Just won the Canadian chip as a head coach)
Perhaps sad news for those hoping for a Dinwiddie OC?
Here’s an extremely hot take: Shak has a case for the best Bronco WR of all time
DPOY is all I can see
He is…inevitable
Hopefully a contract extension for the best QB on the Denver roster!
Blocked FGs in their future
Still waiting for the Dolphins to #FreeCedrick but punt returner will have to do for now
Found highlights of Cedrick’s dad while looking for him, thought you might enjoy!
Ezra Cleveland taking names, puttin up numbers
He can take it
Best TE in football
This is cool, a little local paper trying their hand with some Blue ‘n Orange Boys™ work

Current list for active/practice squad players: