That was an awesome way to end the regular season/conference play. The Broncos kind of melting down in the second half wasn’t great. BUT they didn’t give up and still won by 19 points which is QUITE hilarious. The Broncos put on a show when it matter (it all mattered but that’s whatever).

Game Ball One:

Taylen Green

I mean, c’mon!!! Dude went off with four TD passes and a 91-yard scamper for a TD that–apparently–is the longest TD run from scrimmage in Boise State history. Kind of a wild thing to think about given all the GOATs the Broncos have had moving the ball. This kid is growing a ton and it is fun to see.

Congratulations, Mr. Green!

Game Ball Two:

Andrew Simpson

Mr. Simpson had himself a day. He was all over the field with 10 total takles, one sac, two tackles for loss, one pass break up, and a QB hurry. He’s only a sophomore and I need to reiterate the excitement.

Congratulations, Mr. Simpson!

Game Ball Three:

Eric McAlister

The freshman had himself a day with 40 yards receiving on three catches. Two of those catches were for TDs. The young talent on this team is scary.

Congratulations, Mr. McAlister!

Game Ball Four:

DJ Schramm

Schramm had 15 total tackles, four tackles for loss, and one QB hurry. He was all over the field and really kept Utah State QB Legas in check.

Congratulations, Mr. Schramm!

Game Ball Five:

Latrell Caples

Caples had four receptions for 78 yards and a SUUUUPER nice catch for 50yards and a TD. Mr. Caples really is a nice development over the year.

Game Ball Six:

Scott Matlock

The Big Red Machine from Homedale, Idaho had himself a game against Utah State. On defense he had four tackles with half a sack and one-and-a-half tackles for loss. And you also know what he did. Caught a sweet pass from TG10 for a touchdown. A Thicc Six is always something fun to watch.

Game Ball Seven:

Bronco Nation

Way to represent, Bronco Nation! There were a couple of false starts for Utah State and the fans made sure to be loud for the Bronco Seniors.

We got one more game to go.

Your Turn

There were probably a bunch of good candidates that also deserve Game Balls. Who else?