I refused to believe my road worker father was stealing from his job.

But when I got home all the signs were there.

Here is what a 12-team CFB playoff would have looked like had it started in 1998

And this just pisses me off more than anything.

To think we would have made the playoffs and the opportunity to play for it all is infuriating. Especially given we would have made it more than Big Name programs such as Michigan, Texas, and Clemson. Obviously can only control so much but it sucks.

Kekaula Kaniho raising the Chaos Flag

And that’s pretty great. Having the elder Kaniho on hand as Kaonohi competes for a title. This is going to be fun!

My Spotify wrapped list doesn’t look like this…

And, being honest, I am ashamed.

I find it pretty impressive if I am being honest. Gotta up my listening game though.

Updated CBS Bowl projections

Broken record here but who knows about where the Broncos could end up. LA Bowl being the obvious best choice.