One thing about playing in games that really mean a lot is the anxiety that comes with it. I hate it. But that’s how it goes when you invest too much emotion into sports (or things in general). The Broncos face off against a California State University Fresno team that is most assuredly different than the first go around earlier in the season. Jake Haener is a good QB that will be playing on Sundays. The focus for the Broncos will be to keep defensive mistakes to a minimum while taking advantage of every opportunity on offense.

The first series for the Broncos started ok when the Bulldogs kicked the opening kickoff out of bounds and getting a start on the 35-yard line. The Broncos had made it all the way to the Fresno 35 (thanks to a Riley Smith catch from Taylen Green for 22-yards) before turning the ball over on downs. Have to appreciate the aggressiveness early on.

The rest of the first quarter was somewhat of a puntfest. Outside of California State University Fresno making it to the redzone late, neither offense was able to “get it done” as it were. Luckily for the Broncos, the Bulldogs pushed a field goal attempt wide right to avoid an early hole.

The Broncos did manage to get up 3-0 midway through the second quarter but a special teams TD and a tipped pass for a rare Green interception gave the Bulldogs momentum late taking a 14-3 lead.

Broncos were able to get down the field with 78 seconds left in the half and get another FG on the board to close the gap somewhat, 14-6.

Coming into the half the Broncos did start with some decent momentum by stopping the Bulldogs on their first two drives, while scoring another three to get to 14-9.

The special teams for the Broncos didn’t quite come through for the Broncos allowing the second quarter punt return for a touchdown and then a dubious roughing the kicker call giving the Bulldogs some life. With that extended life, the Bulldogs did go down the field and score to go up 21-9.

As the Broncos got the ball back for their next offensive series, Taylen Green started pressing and, unfortunately, turned the ball over again to Fresno State’s Lockridge.

The Bulldogs found their offensive rhythm and marched down the field for Mims TD putting them up 28-9.

On what felt like garbage time plays, the Broncos did manage to get one offensive TD to close the gap 28-16.

The turnaround for the Broncos to go from 2-2 then a 7-2 stretch isn’t something to overlook. The Broncos have a young team and the right OC hire can really open up the opportunities for the Broncos.

Until then, it’s on to the bowl game, whichever that is.