What tea do rich people buy?

Proper tea.

Sickos Committee reviews the Frisco Bowl

Kind of. It’s more of a brief summary of the bowl game and what’s led up to this point. The Sickos Committee tries to have unique take n the games. They go over the Las Vegas Bowl too. Ahh, good times.

Former Bronco Jaylon Henderson is playing in the Rice Bowl in Japan

It’s for a championship!

Good luck to Mr. Henderson for the game and kudos for all the success that had led up to this point. Not sure if playing state-side is in the cards, but would be nice to see him in a better timezone.

Bronco MBB gets a commit

And he even has his on Wikipedia page. Which is pretty dope. I’m curious about the ‘professional career’ section though. I thought that once a player went pro they couldn’t play in that respective sport? Oh well. Cool that the Broncos got a player that has been around a bit.

Side note: If we aren’t going to call the Pavillion, the Pavillion anymore, at least The X is kinda cool.

Talkin’ Broncos nab another dub at New York’s Off Broadway Swing

Congratulations to the debate team on their wins. Looking forward to seeing more very soon.


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