And we’re back. 2 QBs taking spotlights today, but really lot of good stuff to go around.

Jaylon Henderson in the Rice Bowl! I did a little digging and found that the game starts at what appears to be 11 PM MST on January 3rd. It appears that this website offers a stream for the late-nite football appreciators

Slanderous, yes, but I suppose it’s better than the hate crime of no rank
You won’t be able to convince Dallas fans, but uh, sure looks like Kellen is good at his job
Bills have shown a perplexing hesitancy giving Shak the keys to the car, signing senior citizen Cole Beasley. TheSportsBully1 suggests it’s a good thing, I suggest the Bills better throw him the ball or they’ll continue to get hazed by snarky blog posts
Game winning stop, that’s our DPOY
And the player of the game not too far away!
Same ‘ol Brett, but you can call him QB1
And now we see what happens when we finally give Cedrick the respect he deserves?
Mattison may not regret it, but his wallet may regret his viral celebration
John Molchon gives the Infinity Gauntlet to a random fan
Retweet him to the promised land por favor

Following this list of guys in the NFL plus keeping tabs on:

  • Kellen Moore, OC, Dallas Cowboys
  • Ryan Dinwiddie, HC, Toronto Argos (CFL)
  • Curtis Weaver, DL, Seattle Sea Dragons (XFL)
  • Jake Stetz, OL, Arlington Renegades (XFL)
  • Jaylon Henderson, QB, Panasonic Impulse (X-League Japan)
  • Always looking for more