Belated Blue ‘n Orange Boys are back! All good things these days. Chase Baker is a big whig in Spain now and Cedrick Wilson is mossing dudes. It’s been fun.

Do not fret Bronco Nation, the interview is in English, you just need to skip ahead a little bit. Big thanks to Papa Smurf for informing me of Chase Baker’s coaching career in Barcelona!
A very happy and belated birthday to Tanner Vallejo!
Time is a flat circle
Biggest Pro Bowl snub of the year. Best returner in football
I think Shak should do his growing with 10 targets a game, but I will continue to wait impatiently
HUGE news. Will be back soon thankfully.
Another week, another TD pass for the best quarterback on the Broncos
Brett Rypien, QB1
That’s Cedrick Moss to you
$2,167 per twerk fine is hefty, but it’s indicative of the inflation right now in the twerk fine market
John “the extent of my cooking skills” Bates (Just pancakes!)
Tough loss, but you gotta love the constant leadership on display from Leno.
Sooooo close

Following this list of guys in the NFL plus keeping tabs on:

  • Kellen Moore, OC, Dallas Cowboys
  • Ryan Dinwiddie, HC, Toronto Argos (CFL)
  • Curtis Weaver, DL, Seattle Sea Dragons (XFL)
  • Jake Stetz, OL, Arlington Renegades (XFL)
  • Jaylon Henderson, QB, Panasonic Impulse (X-League Japan)
  • Chase Baker, HC, Barcelona Dragons Academy
  • Always looking for more