99.99% of people are idiots.

I’m just glad to be among the 1%.

Bronco MBB NET rankings got a bump!

This comes after wiping out Utah State on Saturday. The Broncos got a QUAD 1 win with Utah State and went up 19 spots. Utah only tumbled seven. Not too bad in either direction. Coach Leon Rice and the Broncos squad need to ride this momentum forward.

Pro Football Focus has JL Skinner as the no. 4 safety for the draft right now

But we all know he’s number one in our hearts. If he can pull of some strong performances in the bowl games and then the combine I think he can move up the draft board. Just has to keep grinding away at it.

A familiar name is going to be the new Washington State DC

Probably a better fit for Jeff Schmedding than Auburn ever was. I don’t know what got into the coaches (or Auburn) to make that move but ending that experiment was probably for the best for everyone involved.