Me: What do you know about atoms?

Son: Very little…

Me: besides that.

Bronco MBB moved up some more in the NCAA NET rankings

Boise State at no. 25 marks three MWC teams in the top-25. 24 Utah State and 21 San Diego State round out the other two. The Broncos are making a nice resume for the NCAA tournament regardless of what happens down the season.

Mason Randolph: Good at football

It’s a pretty awesome honor to make an All-American list and the FWAA at that. The only assumption here is he will get exponentially better and by the time he graduates he will be guaranteed a first-rounder in the NFL Draft. Have to set expectations people.

Boise State MBB: T3 team of the week

To be clear, they no. six on a list of teams. But they are always number one in our hearts, aren’t they?

Jeremy Avery leads the NFL in punt return yardage

And he did it with a 16.2 yard per punt clip.

Congratulations to the former Bronco standout. Lets pump those numbers up, Mr. Avery!

Broncos pick up another commit

Mr. Olugbenga Komolafe is a good-sized OT pick up. Not sure why he needed to delete his commitment tweet but it’s awesome he decided make the right decision!


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