Just read that by law you have to turn your headlights on when it’s raining in Sweden.

Not sure how I’m suppose to know when it’s raining in Sweden.

A Bronco shining at the Shrine Bowl

Because obviously.

Not sure about the specifics but I can only assume a ‘well DUH!!’ is in order.

Bronco FB added a new coach

Coach Montgomery comes to us from the mean streets of Cal State Fresno. A hearty welcome to Montgomery. His job is going to be both awesome and easy (in my best loud whisper voice: BECAUSE TWO OF THE BEST RUNNING BACKS IN THE MOUNTAIN WEST IS ON THIS ROSTER AND HE COACHES SPECIFICALLY RUNNING BACKS).

Speaking of new coach-type stuff:

Special teams is going to need some work going into the year so let’s all root extra hard for Coach Warren.

Checkout this cool stuff about JL Skinner

Because it is cool!

And apparently Skinner is carrying over the heavy hitter thing here as well.

Skinner hitting a BYU guy? Delicious.