Don’t worry about your smartphone and TV spying on you.

Your vacuum cleaner has been gathering dirt on you for years.

Big Game Boomer has some thoughts about the next CFB Season

Take these with a grain of salt though: he’s a well-known troll.

Barring anything… weird… happening, getting a team from the State of Florida to come to Boise is a bit of a surprise. Could have happened earlier but, well, you know what happened.

ESPN projections of the 2023 SP+

I get that it’s based on empirical data (Bill Connelly lists his rubric) but–man–I gotta disagree with this. Obviously we will see what happens but I definitely think the Broncos are going to do way better than that.

That’s a big video board

I mean, we did know the specs but it’s going to be nice watching stuff on this thing.

ICYMI: FKWG Valentine’s Day cards

I realize it’s a day late on this one. BUT you can enjoy 50%-off candy while reading through these.


Play a game about squares.