Bakers will suddenly feel a rush of joy while making bread.

That’s when the dough-pamine hits.

Bronco MBB headed to the NCAA tournament

The Broncos have a winnable matchup against Northwestern. Let the trash talking commence!

As for the game itself, it’s on TRU TV. Good luck finding it.

The MWC had a run of luck as well with Utah State and UNR also making the field. It feels like UNRs luck is leftover goodwill form when that one coach–who liked to take his shirt off after games–was coaching (yes, I know his name but I don’t want to put it here).

Speaking of the NCAA Tournament, check out this predictor

Just because the Broncos have a decent opening round matchup, doesn’t mean there isn’t an uphill slog. Broncos would have a potential matchup against no. 2 UCLA. BUT there is alway a chance. A *checks notes* 0.1% chance to be exact. Would be pretty cool, of course.

Fun with stats!

Kind of. NCAA teams that were bowl eligible AND made it to the tournament.

Again, this is mostly for fun.


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