Going for Gold

It seems that after snagging gold in Mexico for the U18 national team, Coach is ready for bigger and better things. Now he’s turning in that U18 badge for a shiny U19 badge. He returns with his squad of Colorado HC Tad Boyle and Oklahoma St. HC Mike Boynton Jr. Boyle will again serve as head coach of the squad with Boynton and Rice his assistants.

The quest for Leon’s gold goes to Hungary this summer, with the U19 FIBA World Cup being held from June 24th to July 2. At the moment I have no idea if it’s possible to watch, but rest assured we will burn that bridge when we get to it.

The Offseason

While we have ya, there’s this whole offseason thing to talk about. Typically, we do football and basketball ’round these parts, and there’s still 59 days (about two lunar cycles) before our 100 day football countdown. So I ask: what would ye have us do? (We should disclaim that First Kick is not a democracy and is therefore is not bolden to your response, but we do like you guys so we’ll probably listen)

  • Turn a new leaf and start covering new sports like golf, tennis and softball at a world-class level (or medium-class, up to you)
  • Some nerdy BSU sports statistics articles with lots of graphs that might make you feel like you’re back at college
  • Tribute articles for departed seniors
  • Something else exciting

Ask and we’ll try to deliver ladies and gents! The comment section is your oyster.