IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! Welcome back for another series of adventures (or misadventures) with your favorite shenanigists as we embark on our annual tradition: The Boise State Roster Countdown series.

First up, we have…

#TBD–no number assigned yet as far as we know, Gabe Tahir, True Freshman, Cornerback

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Height: 6’0″

Weight: 182 lbs

High school: Kamiakin High School

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Tahir was a two-way player at Kamiakin. He was both a wide receiver and a cornerback. Defensive stats from his high school are hard to come by, but you can see from his Hudl highlights that he’s an instinctive and VERY PHYSICAL for a corner. He had offers from half the Mountain West, in addition to UofI, Idaho, and Penn State.



Like Tyrann Mathieu and the honey badger he was named after, Gabe Tahir seems to also carry the “don’t give a *bw*” gene. He’s not Tyrann Mathieu, but let’s grant him the tentative status of honey badger-adjacent, by staying in the same family and dubbing him “Wolverine“. It would also be really cool if he ends up being as indestructible as THE Wolverine


It might not at all be what he really looks like, but the one picture I found of Gabe’s face leads me to compare him to all-around coolguy and part time Avenger, Don Cheadle

Career Highlights

Had an exceptional high school career that got him a three-star ranking and landed him at Boise State!

…no college highlights yet though.

2023 Prospectus

Mr. Tahir is entering a great position by being in a great program, with some really great, veteran corners to learn from in the DB room. I expect that he will redshirt and take the time in the Boise State weight room to add some upgrades to his frame and learn the defensive system, with a shot to compete for playing time in 2024.

Is he on Twitter?


Completely made up fact

Being from the Pacific northwest, Gabe has taken to a hobby that many PNWers engage in: Bigfoot hunting. So far, however, he has only found an exceptionally hairy wildland firefighter that he momentarily mistook for Sasquatch.