We have officially hit the 50s. If the countdown was actually aging like Benjamin Button, we would now stop receiving a lot awesome senior discounts and such. Today we get to highlight another local player, and one who comes to Boise this year after shedding those ugly Vandal uniforms

#59, Brett Tammasini, Redshirt Sophomore, LB


Height: 6’1

Weight: 231

High school: Eagle High School (Eagle, ID)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Brett spent high high school days terrorizing Southern Idaho Conference backfields. He was the 5A SIC West Defensive Player of the Year, and made the All Idaho team. Sadly, Brett made the choice to head north to everyone’s least favorite town, Moscow ID. Brett spent two years there, redshirting his first season and playing in four games last year (The U of I stat page says 7, but I trust the boys at Boise a heck of a lot more, so we will go with four). This year, he made the (correct) choice to come back to the Treasure Valley and play for the Broncos.


The Prodigal Son

Brett may have left to go see other places, but he returned home to a feast of winning and success. Now it’s time for him to take his place one of the best LB groups in the conference.


Okay okay hear me out. I know its a biiiiiit of a stretch, but this is a tough one. I think if the beard goes away, Brett looks like one of the best holding midfielders the Premiere League has seen in a while.

Career Highlights

Brett got on the field a handful of times last year after seeing limited action in the season before. Previously to that, he was one of the best defensive players in the state, causing havoc all over backfields and helping Eagle get to the state quarterfinals.

2023 Prospectus

Brett is in an interesting position this season. Players like DJ Schramm and Kaonohi Kaniho will take the starts and there is a decent amount of depth in the LB room, but with how much depth the BSU secondary likes to play with, you never know what will happen for No. 59.

Is he on Twitter?

Indeed he is. Go give Five-Nine a follow @BrettTommasini and show him some Bronco Love!

Completely made up fact

Rumor has it that when Brett drives by any 5A Southern Idaho High School, every QB and Running Back hides under their desk like a 1950s Cold War drill out of sheer fear. That’s the kind of intimidation we like to see from our Broncos!