Michael is the second to last player still in the 50s, so yeah, you could say football is coming quickly. Madrie represents yet another player that comes from the Dallas Pipeline, and is yet another talented D Line Prospect from the Lone Star State.

#51, Michael Madrie, Freshman, DL


Height: 6’4

Weight: 255

High school: Argyle High School (Argyle, TX)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

This is year one for Michael in the 208, and he had some good schools trying to get him away. Kansas, Colorado, Washington State and Arizona State all offered him from the P5 conferences. Quite a few other G5 schools were interested in Michael as well, but in the end Michael made the correct decision to come the Treasure Valley.


Michael “The Monster” Madrie

I love alliterations, and Michaels name just lends itself to that perfectly. Michael had 78 tackles his senior year, with 14 TFLs and 7 sacks. Safe to say, backfields are not safe when the Monster is around.


I know Kevin Hart is small, but I think in terms of face shape and whatnot, these two look pretty similar. Lets home Michael hits as hard as some of Harts jokes.

Career Highlights

Madrie got a lot of interest from a lot of schools, and was regarded as a top 150 DL in the class of 23. He recorded over 200 total tackles in high school and was all over backfields his entire career. 50+ tackles in three straight years is pretty impressive, but bringing that number to 75+ your senior year is insane. Michael will be making MW QBs remember him in no time.

2023 Prospectus

The Bronco DL has been good for a very long time. Getting time this year will be tough, and without the Broncos giving MM a number this year, a redshirt season seems likely. If MM is going to play anywhere but the edge, he will probably need to bulk up a bit, but he could be absolutely deadly in the near future. Any time you beat out multiple P5 programs to get to a recruit, you have to be excited about the prospects for that player.

Is he on Twitter?

He is on the blue bird app, check him out at @MichaelMadrie1! He’s getting pretty close to four digit followers, lets get him there!

Completely made up fact

Michael visited all the P5 schools who offered him after he visited Boise (actually true), and the only question he asked was “where are your three NY6 trophies?” When they couldn’t show them, Michael simply left.