Listen: I’m not going to belabor this (or this article) but the Broncos just flat out did not play well in the first half. Playing against San Jose State should never be a miserable experience. But there we were.

The Broncos started with a three and out to open the game and, unfortunately, that turned out to be a preview of what was to come for the half. Though the Spartans did also punt away their first possession, the Broncos did not make them pay for it.

The Spartans then proceeded to score on five straight drives. Chevan Cordeiro could do almost no wrong amassing 255 yards passing on 11 of 16 attempts.

Broncos… not quite as good. On the second possession, the Broncos were driving when Ashton Jeanty lost the first of his two fumbles. When the Broncos did eventually get the ball back, Maddux Madsen immediately threw an interception. If he’s going to be ‘the guy’ then we are going to have to be “ok” with a bit of a gunslinger attitude. Broncos finally did score for the first time 13 minutes left in the second quarter.

San Jose State went into the half up 27-14. Not great!

To the Broncos credit, though, they did decide to figure out something during the half time. While the first Bronco possession was a three and out, Boise State was able to score on the next two possessions while keeping SJSU out of the endzone. The Broncos were able to take the lead 28-27 heading into the fourth quarter. (Why it took THIS long is annoying.)

After forcing another SJSU punt the Broncos took some momentum (which included going for it on fourth down), and offensive luck, to stroll down the field to extend their lead 35-27.

The Broncos made this game way more stressful than it had to be but eventually came out on top. Jeanty ended with 167 yards but no touchdowns. Eric McAlister ended with 170 yards receiving and one touchdown.