Game Facts

  • Date: Today, November 18th 2023
  • Location: Maverick Stadium (Logan, UT)
  • Weather at kickoff: 42°
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Odds: BSU by 4
  • TV: CBS Sports Network
  • Radio: 670 KBOI/Here or Stream
  • Commentators: Rich “3/4” Waltz, Aaron “AT-AT” Taylor, and Brandon “(B)Alliteration” Baylor (Sideline)

Other facts

1. We Are So Back

Expect half a trillion from him on the ground tonight.

2. Facts

Things you love to see: Freshman LBs stepping up

3. Threadz

Our last iteration of this combo got us a nice ‘lil dub in Albuquerque last year.

4. The Good Times!

What a weird game in all honesty, but we love 90 yard TD runs from a QB!

5. Oh Yeah, Interim Coach, We Should Probably Mention That

Tonight will be Spencer Danielson’s first ever game as a head coach. He’s was also the interim after Harsin left for Auburn but didn’t coach any games. Let’s make it a good one, eh?


Boise State – Won 1

USU – Won 2

Best Name On Their Roster

Freshman DT Sir Mells

Knighthood came early for Mr. Mells, and perhaps an unlikely one for his brand of football.

Best Picture On Their Roster

Junior WR Kyrese Rowan

It would appear that as movie theaters evolve to prevent people from sneaking in snacks, so too has Mr. Rowan evolved to adjust for that very problem.

Players To Watch

Cooper Legas, QB

There are always a few of those players that just are annoying to play every year, and I think Legas is already one of them. Good QB and somehow impossible to tackle. He has dealt with some injuries this year so we’ll see how that plays into it.

Jaylen Royals, WR

Royals disrespectfully stole the “most TDs in the MW” crown from Jeanty while he was injured. Will certainly be a test for our secondary under the lights.

Ike Larsen, S

The Cache Valley native already has 4 picks on the year in the Utah State secondary (which is 3 more than any Bronco has on the year so far). Could make for an anxious night if he adds to that total.

Keys to Victory

3rd and Long

Probably TG’s greatest weakness in his college career is converting passing down situations. For better (or worse), we can’t send Maddux Madsen in (following his injury) and I would be surprised if CJ Tiller had his number called. The ability to convert those, especially in tough situations, will keep our offense consistent and most importantly: on the field. Or we could just run a bunch, which we honestly might do.

Limit Explosive Plays

I get bending and not breaking, but I’d prefer a lot less breaking. USU has the explosive pass offense to make things uncomfortable, and if we want to stay ahead, we need to limit those and maybe force some turnovers of our own.

Bring the Juice

With SD at the helm in the interim, there’s a new energy in the building. If we see that on the field, everything else might not matter if we’re being honest.

Score Prediction

It won’t be as nice as I’ll want it to be, but Hamdan will find a way to get us to 30 again, and that’s all we’ll need.

Boise State 31, Utah State 21