Someone owes DJ Schramm an apology. That someone is me. Of course, I never made any public declaration one way or the other when the senior LB was named starting WLB this season, but BEHIND THE SCENES let’s say I was “skeptical”. The Boise State linebacking crew has been perhaps “hit and miss” since well, since Leighton Vander Esch hit The Star. Injuries kinda changed the career trajectories of guys like Riley Whimpey and Zeke Noa and development on some of the recruits seemed to have stalled. So, when a guy that had been riding pine behind some of the other LBs for years became the heir apparent, I was uncertain whether that was in fact, a good call. And having personally scoffed at every single Tim Plough play call for the last two seasons, I think I know a little something about good calls. I mean, I never said this publicly so I’m really just telling on myself, but there it is—I wasn’t a DJ Schramm believer. I admitted it, okay?!

However, the way that Schramm is playing so far this year makes me think that all those years he was holding the proverbial clipboard he was just mourning the death of his dog and now…now he’s out to find the guys that did it. Yeah, that was a John Wick reference. I got more coming. 

Through 5 games, Schramm leads the Broncos in tackles (44), is second on the team in tackles-for-loss (4.5), has forced a fumble, hurried the QB and done so while rocking a beard that says “join me in Valhalla”. Of course, I don’t know if he has a talking beard or not, but I assume it smells like Lemon Verbena because he conditions. It’s also fair to assume it’s flecked with bits of excellence because that is what he eats for breakfast. 

Seriously though, where did this hirsute hero come from? Perhaps not since Dan Paul have we had a guy that gets 5 o’clock shadow on his chest by 11am. And relatable? For days. I mean, there’s a little bit of dad bod happening, probably winces A LOT when he has to remove tape (hirsute means “hairy”, kids) and he has an unassuming tough guy name like “DJ”. Heck, prior to 2022, I might have wondered if “DJ” stood for something like “Dunston Jasper” or some such. Now, I’m POSITIVE it stands for something like “Dragonslayer Justice-bringer” (“justice-bringer” may not be hyphenated). 

So keep that energy, Dragonslayer—or maybe we give him a Conan the Barbarian name like “Schrammgar”—yeah, Schrammgar, you’re the heart and soul of this defense and frankly, the looming triple-option is giving me fewer hives knowing you’re on the street howitzer (Tombstone reference…I promised one more). So have another heaping bowl of excellence (with Whole milk) and rest up…I’ll be writing an apology to Ezekiel Noa.