While my Seahawks are on a break from being good (at least they beat @michaelobnug ‘s Lions today) I often spend my NFL watch time keeping track of the good guys. Not too shabby this week!

  • Shakir got his first 2 catches
  • Mattison had a tuddy
  • John Bates had 4 catches
  • Avery Williams is still Avery Williams
  • Many more tidbits

Don’t know if this will be a weekly feature, but I’ll probably keep tweaking it for the future. Enjoy!

Reaction version. Felt the same tbh.
Everything is possible when you have Shakir
That’s our boi
Ya really love to see it
He does it all
Dual Threat
RB1. Soon.
Who’s surprised? Not me.
Browns jealous they didn’t get him first
Never don’t appreciate Avery Williams
He’s HIM
DLaw is definitely top 9 but not 2-9
VERY Silly
Mattison TD across the pond with an Ezra Cleveland feature!
He is good. This is good analysis
Weaver’s baaaaaack
Also back. Man needs another chance.
As a rule, never search “Kellen Moore” on Twitter. Free speech is important, but people (Cowboys Twitter) do not understand that free speech against Kellen Moore IS NOT PROTECTED. Doesn’t talk a ton about Kellen Moore specifically, but it iiiiis his play call.
I actually tweeted this last week, but we all need more KM11 in our lives. Also insane GIF potential.