Well how ’bout them Broncos? That was quite an experience, wasn’t it? The Broncos had over 300 yards rushing and 450 total yards. That’s a pretty wild turn of events.

I know I skipped Game Balls last week (it was… for the best) but his week I am back with a vengeance.

Game Ball One:

George Holani

Mans was running like his life depended upon it. And here’s the twist: it wasn’t! Mr. Holani not only piled on a hundred yards, he went for 131! Not to mention the 17 yards he accumulated in returning punts. Broncos do good when they feed ol’ George. He had two tuddies to go along with the ground and pound. Keep doing it, Coach Koetter

Game Ball Two:

Taylen Green

This dude has such a long stride (much like a former QB that Boise State had too many run-ins with some time ago). He’s fast and he can cover a lot of ground. Mr. Green put up his own century mark with 105 yards. Not too shabby. The passing game will come but, for now, let him run it to the outside. Mr. Green also had two touchdowns.

Game Ball Three:

DJ Schramm

Mr. Schramm was all over the field on Friday. To the tune of 11 tackles (nine solo), four tackles-for-loss, and a forced fumble. Schramm, and the defense, really made the offense’s job that much easier.

Game Ball Four:

George Tarlas

Mr. Tarlas had five total tackles (three solo), one sack, two TFLs, a QB hurry, and one forced fumble. He is a grown man out there on the field.

Game Ball Five:

Ashton Jeanty

In the triumvirate that is the Boise State (newly minted) rushing threat, Mr. Jeanty wouldn’t be outdone (by much). He was thisclose to the century mark with 82 yards (I firmly believe he would have hit it had they not called off the dogs). Jeanty also added the final touchdown for the Broncos.

Game Ball Six:

Dirk Koetter

Listen, I get it. He’s the interim-OC. It’s only one game. We should probably temper expectations. But this was an offense that actually got better in the second half. And not just for the first series of the second half! This offense actually moved the ball at will and plastered a pretty decent SDSU defense. I know Koetter still has the rest of the season (to get better) to think about. I also know that he won’t decide to stay on permanently (though if the results for the rest of the season are like Friday, Boise State needs to pony up) but I can hope, and wish, and pray. Just let me have this.

Game Ball Seven:

Bronco Nation

Specifically those who were able to make it to the game on a 6 pm kickoff on a Friday. Your energy was greatly appreciated. The Aztecs had seven–SEVEN–false start penalties. Add a delay of game penalty and the fans at the game have something tangible to show for their efforts. You did a good, Bronco Nation. Let’s keep that momentum, and energy, going the rest of the season.

Your Turn

Who do you think should get a Game Ball? Let me know in the comments.