I saw an old man fall into a well the other day.

I suppose he couldn’t see that well.

George Holani makes an honor roll

The Paul Hornung award (that’s presented by Texas Roadhouse) recognized Mr. Holani’s efforts from last Friday. Which is awesome! Can we assume it comes with a lifetime supply of the bread rolls?

Former Boise State HC had some things to say about his current QB and Kellen Moore

That is, ummmm, very high praise for the QB at Auburn. One could say it’s blasphemous to compare a mere mortal to The Chosen One, but to each their own.

Bronco softball picks up a commit

She wants to win. On the field and in life. So this is a good start.

Speaking of a former Boise State HC, Colorado a possible destination

I think we can all agree that one of the oddest coaching hires ever was at Auburn. I am not sure how the two parties came into agreement but I think we can all agree that it hasn’t gone the best. This is a possible switch.

Which also means could a former Boise State coach/player replace the current interim? Mike Sanford has somewhat of an opportunity in Boulder. Curious how it plays out.

Mountain West Rankings

Of course we can agree to disagree with subjective power rankings. Boise State still has a lot to prove going forward. But I donโ€™t agree with the placing on this list.

CBS Sports Hot Seat rankings

CBS Sports had some things to say about hotseat rankings. It doesn’t appear to have been updated to include Boise State but maybe that’s intentional.

Another former Boise State HC speaks

I will forever put Boise State first in the lineup of previous work experience.


A fun art thing with Mondrian and Me.