I don’t mean to brag, but I have the ENTIRE 1992 set of Topps baseball cards. I’m currently getting offers for TENs of dollars. Boise State is hoping their latest NIL-centric collector cards will hold their value a bit better, and put some of those dollars back in the hands of student athletes (who will then try to purchase my full set of 1992 Topps baseball cards—includes Fred McGriff!). At participating Jacksons Stores beginning on Friday, you’ll be able to purchase officially licensed Boise State football trading cards for $12.99 a piece (are they made of gold?!). Each pack will contain 14 cards and one in 10 packs will include a limited-edition autographed card. Jacksons secured all the licensing and handled the production, so that might explain the higher price point (Jacksons Bobbleheads were $12 or $7 with purchase of a soda)—the players get paid either way. Broncos like Scott Matlock, Zeke Noa, John Ojukwu, JL Skinner, and Riley Smith are some of the names in the pool of autographed cards…extra points for guys that have a cleaner and less juvenile looking auto than Kellen Moore (in fairness, he’s left-handed).

Also, an unfounded rumor that I started has at least one lenticular card of the Boise State OC…it changes from Tim Plough to Dirk Koetter when you turn it. Start breakin’, Bronco fans!