A wizard asked me to proofread one of his scrolls last week.

I guess you could say it was more of a spell check.

Guess who is the Grand Marshal of Boise State’s Homecoming parade!!

Ah, who am I kidding, I’m going to go ahead and spoil it.

Lamest sports trophies

Drew (via Twitter) brought up this old article. Might as well read through it again since that is what at stake on Saturday’s game.

Bronco softball nabs another winner

Congrats to Ms. Romero!

Note: If Twitter/Wordpress is blocking the pictures below, I am not sure why. They’re just pictures of the recruiting visit to Boise State.

Credit where credit is due: Kellen Moore

This is a Fansided post but the overall message is true and clear: Kellen Moore is a dang good OC and the Cowboys are lucky to have him. There is generally a lot of slander from the Dallas fanbase and it is tiresome.

Also: who said Cooper Rush was worthy of hugging The Chosen One? Especially given I still cannot come within 500′ of him?! (This is mainly because I live in Idaho and TCO lives in Texas.)

Bronco soccer picks up a dub over Air Force

In case you were wondering what the uniform combo is for Saturday

Per Boise State the game is sold out!