An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

So, we tested the Anagram Curse, and went 1 and 1. Kind of a rough outing without an anagram roster vs UTEP, then a truly solid beatdown in the second half of the SDSU game thanks to SBNation firing our butts before I could post an article.

Instead of further testing or tempting fate, we’ve decided to just import the tradtion to FKWG. Our editors fired up the ol’ Anagram Server and started plugging in Fresno State names. On the way, we noticed that CSU-Fresno has a dude named freakin’ Morice Norris! We felt bad anagram-ing such a flawless assemblage of letters, but alas, the Angram Roster takes no breaks.

Here’s to the Milk Can and beating Not-Kellen-Moore!


Jeff Tedford – (none found, fittingly)

Kirby Moore – Roomy Biker

Kevin Coyle – Veil Yo Neck


WR Jalen Moreno-Cropper – Prance Jeer Loop Morn

WR Josh Kelly – Joky Shell

WR Nikko Remigio – I Go Iron Mike

LT Jacob Spomer – Jab Composer

LG Jacob Isaia – Jab Is A Ciao

OC Bula Schmidt – Ditch Albums

RG Mose Vavao – Move As Ova

RT Braylen Nelson – Enabler Nylons

TE Raymond Pauwels Jr – Napalmed Jury Rows

QB Logan Fife – Loin Gaffe

RB Jordan Mims – Jam Nimrods


DE David Perales – Devils Parade

DT Gavriel Lightfoot – Oft Haggle Vitriol

DT Devo Bridges – Dig Observed

DE Isaiah Johnson – Ah, I Shoo Ninjas

WLB Malachi Langley – Ham, Angelically

MLB Levelle Bailey – Liable Eel Levy

CB Cale Sanders Jr. – Send Clear Jars

SS LJ Early – Jar Yell

FS Chrishawn Jordan – Whir John’s Canard

CB Bralyn Lux – Burn Laxly

NB Morice Norris – Cosine Mirror


PT Carson King – Rink Congas

PK Abraham Montano – Manana Bathroom

LS Nick D’Ambra – Rick Badman


Big Game Boomer – Mega Boob Grime