AND WE’RE BACK. A glorious day in the NFL meant 3 TDs for former Broncos, 2 for the very first time. (Hint, the first TD is not the defensive player) Khalil Shakir and Avery Williams had their first, and DeMarcus Lawrence had his second. All such videos can be found below with scattered info, news, and stats in-between. Threw a list of active Broncos in the NFL below as well for good measure. My hope is that my Bronco update (thanks to my excessive Twitter usage) protects you from awful Kellen Moore takes, and gives you the know-how to win any and all unnecessary (and necessary) sports debates you find yourself in.

It’s impossible to hate Charles Leno Jr
Plus he’s a birthday boy!
And just amazing in general
Last week, but needed to be said
Scared the poo out of me when I read it earlier this week
It’s a wonderful thing
Just another day in the triple-covered office
Gotta keep that one haha
Water is wet
Wet is water
Avery Williams the RB. How come we didn’t think of this??
QB situation not going swimmingly in Miami but Cedrick can take the heat
He’s had a slow start but starting to turn things around this week
Note the adjective “pregame”, gracias to the No-Fun-League
Oooooooooooooooh yeah
He been watching Scott Matlock fo sure
I’ve received the reports that there was no swear word said, Lawrence just pronounced the *(s).
Yet another Bronco leader
We’ll be loud, don’t worry LVE
Weekly reminder that anti-Kellen Moore speech does violate the 1st amendment
Preseason MVP candidate Brett Rypien (yes, actually) may get his time to shine
  • Tanner Vallejo, ILB, Arizona Cardinals
  • Avery Williams, KR/RB, Atlanta Falcons
  • Khalil Shakir, WR, Buffalo Bills
  • DeMarcus Lawrence, DE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Dallas Cowboys
  • Brett Rypien, QB, Denver Broncos
  • John Hightower, WR, LA Chargers
  • Cedrick Wilson Jr, Miami Dolphins
  • Ezra Cleveland, Minnesota Vikings
  • Alexander Mattison, Minnesota Vikings
  • Jeremy McNichols, RB, Pittsburg Steelers
  • John Molchon, OL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • John Bates, TE, Washington Commanders
  • Charles Leno Jr, OT, Washington Commanders
  • Kellen Moore, OC, Dallas Cowboys