I lost three fingers on my right hand, so I asked my doctor if I would still be able to write with it.

He said: “Maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it.”

Feeling good on a Victory Monday!

Bronco Soccer gets a 0-0 draw yesterday

Broncos have shut out a bunch of teams this year. I suppose if you can’t get a dub, at least don’t get a loss.

Get your tickets to the Boise State athletics hall of fame dinner

This should be a fun get-together to honor some all-time Bronco greats. If you are able to attend you should go.

A bit of context as to where Taylen Green is right now.

This is just to give a bit of the larger picture of his overall performance.

There is a lot to glean from these graphs. Mr. Green has a lot to learn/achieve during his time in a Broncos jersey. Looking forward to these numbers to get better.

Jerry Palm has some predictions for bowl games

These are just projections right now. Boise State in the Arizona against Toledo. Who knows at this point but I wouldn’t rule it out.

Check out the ESPN SP+

Broncos are at no. 76. Not sure where the Broncos were last week (being honest: was scared to check). But has to be an improvement given the upward trajectory.

Also: Boise State favored to win the Mountain West title. That’s nice!

ICYMI: Hunter compiled some former Bronco exploits in the NFL

These are just so fun to read through!


You can honor this pug for some reason.