Relatively slow week for our boys in Blue (and Orange). Avery Williams gets deserved love for his return skills, and Bills fans have joined us in restlessness over the lack of snaps for Shakir. For funzies I threw in a video from a new twitter account specializing in famous Bronco highlights, featuring a current NFL guy. I’ll probably keep that up in the future.

Cardinals staff may not be aware that Vallejo needs 46 more snaps to reach the correct amount, but we trust they will resolve the issue.
Ah man I miss him
Let’s talk
Give him a 2020 Broncos target share and he’ll put up 3k
This tweet made me feel slightly more guilty about the next tweet
But yeah we should
Looking like it may be the best year yet for LVE
No need to comment further
Just waiting for something amazing
#11 out of what, 64 guards? Love to see it.
): Hurt during warmups, hopefully he returns soon
If we need a new OL coach, I want her on the list
Leno family reminisces in return to the Windy City
What Kellen Moore did with Cooper Rush should be studied in future generations

@UnterHonson signing off, check this link for a current list of Broncos in the NFL: