What do you call a detective electrician?

Sherlock Ohms.

John Dalmas is a Lou Groza Star of the week

Also: you need to vote for him. I am not sure how long the poll will stay open but he needs all the votes he can muster. This is very vital that he wins this arbitrary–doesn’t apply to the actual award–honor. If anything it is important to me.

WWE is coming to Boise State

You could clink on the link if you want but the gist is in the tweet below.

The Broncos are in some fine company with these other schools. Curious what kind of NIL is going to take place and what we are going to see.

Hero Sports has a decent write-up about Boise State

It’s a fairly straightforward article briefly summing up some of the Broncos’ situation to date. Per ESPN Football Power Index, the Broncos are highly favored to win the Mountain Division at 77.3% while also favored (albeit less so) to win the whole Mountain West at 46.5% chance. Games still have to be played of course, but It’s nice to see so many folks starting to come back around. Though a lot of folks do have the San Jose State Spartans as the current best team in the Mountain West.


It’s Long Doge Challenge.