The adjective for metal is metallic.

But not for iron, which is ironic.

Is it time to ‘let it Ryp’?

The short answer: yes.

The somewhat longish answer: yyyyeeeeessssssss.

Denver is having a rough year offensively (sound familiar?) but Boise State isn’t saddled with a contract that is almost a quarter of a billion dollars to try and reconcile. The Broncos from Idaho got their stuff together, curious if the ones in Denver will?

Full disclosure: I am a Raiders fans so I hope they don’t, but that Rypien does well.

ICYMI: Mountain West MBB preseason poll

It is always bizarre to me just how much credit _yoming gets. I never understand it. Oh well. Just some extra incentive for Coach Rice to light up the Mountain West again.

BoiseDev: Albertsons Stadium naming rights

I’m going to be honest: I hope the new company just buys out the name and walks away. Turn it back to Bronco Stadium. To that end: can we get someone to buy the naming rights to the ExtraMile Arena and change it back to the Pavillion?

Bronco GYM released their schedule

These athletes get to meet up with some heavy hitters this year. UCLA, Washington, and Minnesota to open it up. Then Alabama at the end. Talk about ambitious. Good luck!

Because watching Khalil Shakir highlights are good for the mind

No other reason, really.

*Wistful sigh*


You ever wanted to paint like Jackson Pollock?