I had to quit my job as a mailman when they handed me my first letter to deliver.

I looked at it and thought to myself, “This isn’t for me.”

Broncos may have a destination for bowling season

Obviously a lot of games left to play and the season to get through but the possible matchups are fun. Having the Vegas Bowl taken from the Mountain West kind of sucks considering nothing really as good replaced it. This wouldn’t be the worst landing spot for the Broncos though.

Bronco SB gets another winner to commit!

Congratulations to Ms. Jansky on making the right decision!

Have you seen what the Broncos will be wearing this Saturday?

I like this look well enough, I suppose. But, honestly, I would probably go with the blue lids and the blue pants. But whatever. As long as the outcome of the end of the game is the right one, that is all I care about.

The NFL adding a game on Black Friday

That kind of sucks. But, I mean, nothing ever interesting has happened for Boise State on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Ever. Nope.


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