Game facts

  • Time: October 22nd, 2022, 5:00 PM MST
  • Location: Falcon Stadium, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Weather at kickoff: 72° Sunny
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Odds: Air Force by 2
  • Radio: 670 KBOI
  • Commentators: Rich “Upper-Middle-Class” Waltz, A-A-Ron Taylor, Sherree “With 3 Es” Burruss (sideline)

Other facts

1. How do we feel about brown-nosing?

Troy Calhoun was nice, but like extremely nice in his presser this week. Of many insane quotes from that presser, this one might be the best:

“They could go on one of those runs in this league,” Calhoun said. “How they are able to recruit and their investment, you don’t flinch – and I really don’t – if they went on one of those runs where they had eight straight years of winning the conference you’d say, yeah, that’s fathomable.”

As the only team in the mountain division with more than one win against the Broncos since we joined the conference, this was quite the statement. One might feel inclined to respond to Calhoun’s statements with denial of such praise, but we are no bastion of unfettered news without bias. In fact, my job is to be the voice in your head that’s too scared to admit you think we’re gonna make a NY6 game (and maybe..just maybe.. make the playoff next year).

In this spirit, it’s also worthy of note to our more pessimistic readers that as bleak as the last few seasons may have appeared, the Broncos have appeared in 4 out of the last 5 MW championships and have won 2 of those.

For reference, the next best applicable teams have either:

  • Made 2 appearances and won 1
  • Made 1 appearance and won (x2)
  • Made 1 appearance and lost

With ALL that said, you know as well as I do that none of those happy stats matter Saturday. Chances are you will be throwing things the entire game watching our troops get 4 stupid yards a carry. Buckle in, ladies and gents.

2. Tiebreakers

A favorite to win the conference, Air Force has dug an unfortunate hole for themselves, dropping 2 matchups with division foes USU and Wyoming. A loss Saturday would all but eliminate them from contention for the title game. Broncos would still control their own destiny with a loss, but I figure, “if they’re gonna go all the way over there, might as well win?”

3. Something’s gotta give

In a shocker, Air Force boasts the the #1 offense in the country, and I suspect it’s because they run the ball a lot. 359.9 yards per game is quite the tune, and they’ll match the #2 defense in total yards allowed at 235.7 yards per game for the Broncos. In this clash of the titans, it may be the Bronco Offense vs. the Air Force defense that decides this game.

4. 6-4, 2-2

All time record against Air Force, record against Air Force in Colorado. The last time the Broncos had an outing in Colorado, Jack Sears threw for 280 and 4 TDs, which honestly feels like an alternate universe. We have won the last 2 in Colorado (which is somewhat comforting) buuut it’s Air Force. Be ready for the usual, anxiety and injuries.

5. Speaking of Jack Sears


Boise State – Won 2

Air Force – Won 1

Best name on their roster

It’s always the same story. I take a stroll through the list of names on the roster, I think I have a few, but then I find the one. Andrew Boisd’enghein is that man. How do you pronounce the first part of that last name? (Boisd’e, Bois-de, Bois…)

Best Picture on their roster

With Sam McNulty, there’s a new brow in town.

Players to Watch

Haaziq Daniels, QB

Now in his senior year, Hazziq has been around the block a few times. Always a threat as a runner, his game has expanded to be a dangerous passer as well. On the year, that’s 483 yards and a fiver in the TD column.

Brad Roberts, RB

With 12 TDs to go with 6 games, Brad Roberts is the national leader in rushing TDs. He is also just 150 yards shy of the 1k mark (which I’m assuming Air Force hits more quickly than we do but it’s seriously a lot). Our game will likely depend on his game.

David Cormier, WR

Today on stats you wouldn’t expect: Mr. Cormier has more receiving yards than any player on the Broncos. It always seems like a trick play when Air Force throws the ball, but when they do, it comes in chunks. Despite having a 70 yard lead on leading receiver Latrell Caples, he has racked up his 224 yards on only 6 catches. (Caples has 18 catches by comparison)

Trey Taylor, S

Barely edging out LB Alex Mock, Trey leads the team with 41 tackles, 26 solo. If (when) Jeanty and Holani break loose, good gains become huge gains if they can break free from Taylor. Trey also has an interception on the year, and will look to capitalize on a young QB.

Keys to victory

  • Run the ball This task has not been extraordinarily difficult the last two weeks, but they’ll have to keep it up. Typically, beating Air Force requires a strong passing game, but I won’t mind both. The Air Force front 7 is consistent and stout, but if we’re successful, the ability to control the clock on a service academy team is deadly.
  • Stop the run Trying to keep this real simple out here. But seriously, the expectation doesn’t need to be under 200 yards. Most important is getting stops on early downs and forcing 3rd and long. I haven’t felt this good about our front 7 in a long time, but they got their work cut out for them.
  • Win the Turnover Battle Nothing is better than making Air Force play catch up. The Falcons are certainly capable in the air, but if the Broncos can capitalize on turnovers, Air Force will find it difficult being forced to throw the ball.
  • Special Teams make Special Plays Any game-changing play to throw the Falcons off their groove will prove pivotal. I’m not picky..FG block?..Punt Return? Let’s make it happen.

Score prediction

Never a reason to overlook Air Force, this should be a dogfight. While giving up some big plays (and a lot of really annoying small ones) I see the Broncos pulling ahead late in the 3rd thanks to consistent defense and a strong game from the RB committee.

Boise State 31, Air Force 20