I accidentally took my cats meds last night.

Don’t ask meow.

CBS Sports has some updated bowl projections

The link itself is just the article that highlights the CFP and the NY6 games which, very likely, we don’t need to worry about. But you can check out the total list here and see where Boise State is projected. If you paid attention to last week (and who here didn’t? I need names) this projection shouldn’t surprise you.

Former Bronco, AJ Richardson, signs with a USFL team

That’s a name I hadn’t heard in a bit. Good luck to him and I hope he does really well. Always want to see these guys get a chance to ball it up some more.

Former Bronco, Abu Kigab, selected in first round of NBA G League

I always love minor league team names cause they always get super-creative. Not something super lame and generic.

Congratulations to Mr. Kigab and good luck on the next level.

The Athletic’s Stewart Mandel has some thoughts about the weekend ($)

I know a lot of folks are super hesitant about clicking on things that cost money. I get it. But Boise State is starting to pick up some steam again and not in the, “is Boise State washed” sense.

BUT, if you don’t really feel like clicking, here is the quote that pertained to Boise State:

9. There were more than a few “demise of Boise State?” takes after the Broncos, 7-5 in coach Andy Avalos’ first season, suffered blowout losses to Oregon State and UTEP in this season’s first four games. But Boise (5-2, 4-0 MWC) is suddenly back in a familiar place, alone atop the Mountain Division after a 19-14 win over Air Force (5-3, 2-3). This has not been a vintage year for the Mountain West, but things might get more interesting if Fresno State (3-4, 2-1) gets back star QB Jake Haener soon.

Not quite sure how much Haener is going to help considering the Bulldogs had a worse loss to us last year when he started, but whatever.

At any rate, people can put away the eulogies for at least another week.

USA Today Coaches Poll

Well, well, well, looks who’s back in *squints* ‘Others Receiving Votes’.

Hey, it all has to start somewhere so it might as well be this one.

Jonah Dalmas appreciation

If you don’t have Twitter, I certainly don’t blame you, but if you do–and don’t follow KTVB’s Jay Tust–you really need to remedy that. He puts out his #TuStats and they are pretty great.

You should click on the thread below and really take in the Dalmas love.

Note: Dalmas is only a junior?!

This highlight is foretelling some stuff later today but still worth it.

You like gambling and betting on the Broncos?

Boise State opens up as 25 point favorites in Vegas. You can check some of the other games while you’re there.

Fresno State is favored by 7. UNR a 24 point underdog to San Jose.


This is the Long Doge Challenge.