Well THAT was a thing, wasn’t it? The Broncos were cruising in the first half (lack of TDs notwithstanding) only to make us sweat out the ending. That was a tough Air Force squad and the Broncos needed every bit of defensive effort to get it done. And they did! You’ll notice this is going to be a defense and special teams-heavy edition of Game Balls. With good reason.

So, with that, lets dole out some Game Balls, shall we?

Game Ball One:

Ezekiel Noa

Mr. Noa was included on that weird two numbers on the punt return play that almost cost the Broncos. BUT that was definitely a coaching issue, not him. Mr. Noa, however, did have himself quite the game with seven total tackles (four solo) and one pass break up. The most important one to help get the Broncos back on offense.

Congrats Mr. Noa!

Game Ball Two:

Jonah Dalmas

Mans was PERFECT on the field on Saturday. 4-4 on FG with a long of 51-yards and a PAT. His points were crucial given the Broncos’ inability to cash in on more of the opportunities in the first half. Curious if he is going to get the Mountain West Special Teams of the week nod? This one is more important anyway.

Congrats Mr. Dalmas!

Game Ball Three:

Scott Matlock

The Big Red Machine from Homedale, Idaho also had himself quite the night. He also netted seven total tackles (three solo), but he also got a pretty decent QB hurry. The trenches came in huge for both squads and Mr. Matlock showed out in a great way.

Congrats Mr. Matlock!

Game Ball Four:

Taylen Green

Being honest, I was kind of conflicted on this one. Mr. Green had himself an ok night, 16-24 passing for 207 yards and an INT (that totally wasn’t his fault). He had some good balls but weird stuff kept happening too. He did have that great first down at the end of the game to seal the game for the Broncos. Curious when the coaching staff is going to wheel back to him keeping it and intentionally running more, he only had five attempts and 16 yards. Not quite what I (and many others in Bronco Nation) were expecting. Oh well.

Congrats Mr. Green!

Your Turn

What do you think? Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments.