Hope you speak Spanish! Plus in now-boring news, Avery Williams got another long return (you’d think he’d be tired of it by now), and DeMarcus Lawrence is still a monster on the gridiron. Plus plus some movement from beloved Broncos in other professional leagues.

An Ecuadorian TV anchor interviewed Vallejo recently. I’m working to get the interview link (and will make an attempt at translating!) Tweet says: “I talked with Tanner Vallejo today, Tanner plays in the NFL with the Cardinals and proudly wears the Ecuadorian Flag on his helmet, and does it for his grandpa, who was born in Guayaquil, and went to San Francisco where he worked as a local mailman, more details in the interview”
“With Ecuadorian blood in his veins, the linebacker who graduated from Boise State played for 4 teams in his first 3 years before landing with the Cardinals, who he’s played with since 2019”
Sorry to bore y’all with this one again, it would appear AW cannot help but be the best returner in football
So close to a TD too, I will continue scouring for a video
This tweet comes courtesy of First Kick’s Michael, and this is just awesome stuff from Tank.
Absolutely insane from DeMarcus Lawrence
Thank you for speaking the truth Blue Check™ man
Brett Rypien took the start Sunday against the Jets. Unfortunately the Denver edition of the Broncos are horrific. Still fun to see our guy though
Why wouldn’t I remind you of this game if I could?
Can’t find anyone else to corroborate this info, but if true, hope McNichols recovers quickly.
Charles Leno Jr, always a good dude.
Breaking news: Your favorite USFL team is now the Panthers
No mercy from the 2019 Mountain West champ