What do you call a group of babies?

An infantry

You like college lacrosse?

It’s club lacrosse but can be fun to watch.

Ezekiel Noa: pretty good at being a linebacker

You do have to have a subscription to see the rest of that info. But Noa is number three on there and that ain’t bad at all.

Boise State is 6-0 when Taylor Swift releases an album

And, well, we didn’t let the the T. Swift down by dropping the matchup against AFA.

There a way for to drop an album approximately every week starting in early September for about 12 to 14 weeks? Just curious if that was a thing.

Dallas does not deserve the Chosen One

And I do mean this sincerely.

Dallas won and scored 24 points and would have been good enough to beat 20 other teams (obviously including their opponent Detroit). So Dallas scored more than over half the the teams in the NFL this past weekend yet the fanbase is still going to grouse. Boo on them!

Guess who made another Lou Groza star of the week!

Ah, I’ll go ahead and spoil it: it’s our home boy Jonah Dalmas!!

Make sure to vote for Mr. Dalmas while you’re vising the site. He needs our help.


Try out this First Person Tetris.