I saw a man that used different cuts of steak to create portraits of people.

It was a rare medium, but well done.

ICYMI: Ryan ranks Mountain West football teams using candy

I feel personally attacked since I love candy corn, runts, AND Mike and Ikes.

Former Bronco Cedrick Wilson hopefully getting more passes

It’s been a bummer that we haven’t seen many (any?) highlight clips of Mr. Wilson this season ever since he made the move to Miami.

I get the last statement being about more what Sherfield is doing but it always feels backhanded. As in, clearly it has to be something else to it. (Hopefully that ‘something’ is just the injury.)

You like people running for long distances for a reason?

Then this Friday you are in for a TREAT! The Broncos are going to Laramie, Wyoming for the Mountain West cross country championships. I don’t know who chose LARAMIE in late OCTOBER for that but, dang, it’s going to be chilly (Weather Underground forecasts a high of 53 and low of 25, which is actually warmer than I was suspecting).

Good luck to the Broncos as they look to bring home a conference title.

Matt “Freaking” Miller is a dad!

Congratulations to the Millers!! (I am aware of how belated this is.)

Do you want to win a signed game jersey from former Bronco Tyrone Crawford?

All it takes is doing the things it says in that link. Sorry, I was going to try and recap it but outside of “watch him on Twitch” it’s a bit more nuanced than that. But I think it would be pretty cool to win a jersey* from Mr. Crawford.

*It’s from his Dallas days.


You ever had a dream of being a 90s fast-food worker but never got the chance? WELL HAVE I GOT A DEAL FOR YOU.