Air Force’s assassination squad did their job well last week, leading to a host of Bronco injuries (namely on the defensive line, per usual) I’ll admit it made me the slightest bit nervous, not to lose, but to be at risk of an annoying game, ya know? Well, my fears were quelled it would turn out.

Plus Isaiah Bagnah who announced he was transferring before the game and George Tarlas who is out for the season.

1st Quarter

So not quite RIGHT away. Both teams traded 3-and-outs, but then the fun began. Caples wears #20 now on punts to avoid dumb penalties, and the offense looked great on drive #2. Staying true to Coach Pete’s halftime analysis, “Boy-zee has always been a run first team”. Holani got what felt like 80 runs with a couple nice catches by Cobbs and McAllister. It would turn out that we only had 5 plays and we did it in turbo speed, just under 2 minutes.

Before I get too far, DIVINE OBICHERE might as well be Divine OBITUARY. With Matlock out, not only did he not miss a meat, he was an absolute monster. 7 tackles, 4.5 TFL, and 2 sacks. Un.Real. Hogans also played great in place of George Tarlas. Granted, the whole defense was playing out of their minds today.

Officials were pretty lame today, dumb reviews and a lot of flags, but I suppose you can’t hit a man that decides to leap in the air?

2nd Quarter

As the second quarter offense got rolling, it became clear that McAllister is the greatest football player of all time. The redshirt freshman was anywhere and everywhere in the first half, clearing carving himself a role. Taylen Green just looked awesome all the way through, with excellent throws every which way, hitting Riley Smith on a nice tiptoe TD.

In the meantime, the defense was suffocating, and the CSU QB kept doing these weird little shovel passes. It was of course to no avail, but they looked cute! He got sacked a lot. 5 times.

Unfortunately, this lead to the worst part of the game. Our secondary always seems to give up a few huge plays. Many more open Rams receivers dropped potentially dangerous passes as well, but CSU came up with an 80 yard bomb untouched to paydirt. I’m still a little worried about that y’all, BYU week incoming. {end rant}

Cobbs almost has the greatest catch of all time, snatching an interception and turning it into a pot of gold, but they overturned it. They hate fun, of course.

3rd Quarter

First drive of the half, Taylen Green had me standing up from my couch after this one. 6’6 and this shifty is gonna get us some NCAA violations. That’s a Heisman move if I’ve ever seen one.

The funniest play of the entire game was an attempted run by CSU on 4th and 1 in their own territory, down 35-10. In a shocking turn of events, the defensive line reaches the RB as soon as he gets the ball. Beautiful stuff really.

HAT TRICK HOLANI puts the game at a comfy little spot, and he had himself a nice little game really.

4th Quarter

We thought that would be the end of our scoring tirade, but we were blessed with another one! An Oscar worthy performance from Aussie punter JFR (who had an amazing game) gave a roughing the kicker call that brought us to paydirt once more. Taylen Green could not be lassoed all night, even when they blitzed 9 guys, he would just do another loop and voila! TD.

Just thought this was funny. Virtually no hope for the Rams.

What did you think? I got to say I enjoyed a stress-free game, and the development of TG has been nothing short of fantastic to watch. BYU week next up!