My friend asked me why I was carrying a nine foot book.

I told him it was a long story.

Injury update: WHY?!

George Tarlas is out for the season with a hip injury. This is just terrible. I hate when bad things happen to good people*.

*Me (this is mostly a joke. Mostly).

This was Mr. Tarlas’ last year in college ball. I hope he’s able to get healthy and, possibly, get something together on the next level. Or he’s able to do something that is successful and makes him happy.

Here is a name for Bronco football OC: Ryan Dinwiddie

Dude has a lot of experience up in the land of the Canucks. Would be cool to have him back stateside. Was trying to find his salary as the Head Coach of the Toronto Argonauts but couldn’t find it. Maybe Boise State could be competitive anyway?

Tyreque Jones generating some buzz!

Whoever decides to draft Mr. Jones is going to get a heck of a player. Here’s to the rest of the season as a bit of a preview of what’s to be expected on the next level.

Bronco Soccer gets another winner!

Congratulations to Ms. McKeehan and good luck as a Bronco.


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