You know what I like? Winning. And being bowl-eligible. And just finding things that just click. You know what I also like? Game Balls! So let’s dole some out!

Game Ball One:

Taylen Green

Well now. If I had told you at the beginning of the year that a Bronco QB threw for 305 yards and had directed 514 of total offense, would you have guessed it was Taylen Green that was at the helm? You’re a liar if you said yes. Mr. Green expanded his repertoire of tricks by hitting nine receivers and two touchdowns and no interceptions. All that effort amounted to a QBR of 187.4. That’s pretty good. Green is becoming a threat and I am here for it.

Congrats to Mr. Green!

Game Ball Two:

George Holani

It is soooo nice to have Mr. Holani back. And it’s such a nice tune-up for the BYU game for next week. Mr. Holani hit another century mark with 108 yards on 21 carries (5.1 yard/carry). And guess what that also included? Three tuddies. So happy.

Congrats to Mr. Holani!

Game Ball Three:

Divine Obichere

Mr. Obichere is a “replacement” for a defensive line that was missing the Big Red Machine from Homedale, Idaho, Scott Matlock. You know who else was/is missing? George Tarlas and Jackson Cravens. Not quite ideal. But Mr. Obichere decided to say, “eh, it’s no big deal” and proceeded to let Bronco Nation also know that it was indeed, ‘no big deal.’ Obichere had seven total tackles, four solo, two sacks and 4.5 tackles for loss. Dude was on fire against a hapless Colorado State o-line. Yes. Please.

Congrats to Mr. Obichere!

Game Ball Four:

Cortez Hogans

Mr. Hogans is also a a “fill in” for the depleted defensive line. But he also let Bronco Nation know that he’s got this thing covered. To the tune of six total tackles, three solo and 1.5 TFL. The depth on the defensive line is amazing and I could not be happier.

Congrats to Mr. Hogans!

Game Ball Five:

James Ferguson-Reynolds

Mr. Ferguson-Reynolds only had to punt the ball three times for the Broncos for 145 total yards. In this context being the punter you never really want to see him on the field. EXCEPT when he uses his acting skills to get the Broncos another set of downs. Which he was able to successfully pull of with a roughing the kicker penalty that extended a Boise State drive. For me, that deserves some recognition.

Congrats Mr. Ferguson-Reynolds!

Game Ball Six:

Stefan Cobbs

This was definitely a tough one as the Broncos receivers had a lot of touches. Mr. Cobbs led the receivers with 4 catches and 91 yards and a pretty wild would-be touchdown if the refs wouldn’t have made an atrocious overturn. Oh well. Can’t shake a stick at the production.

Congrats to Mr. Cobbs!

Your Turn

Saturday was pretty fun. who else deserves a Game Ball?