My inflatable house got a puncture yesterday.

Now I’m living in a flat.

Boise State’s win probabilities got better after the UTEP game

And, wow, we really needed all of that.


Turns out… Boise State is pretty good.


– Boise got a big boost in the power ratings this week by dominating CSU.

– BYU's run defense has been horrendous for a few weeks, something we should be able to take advantage of.

– Mountain division (likely) going to be decided in Laramie.

– If we beat BYU the probability of 10-2 jumps to >77%

– The turnaround on this team is really impressive. Regardless of what happens this season, the next OC hire will be the biggest decision of Avalos' career.

– Taylen has a chance to be special

Originally tweeted by Nathan Carroll (@Nathan_26_) on October 30, 2022.

It’s really weird to see the Broncos doing so remarkably better. You hate to pin winning and losing on a couple of individuals but it’s almost to glaring not to notice.

I hope those individuals find success in their next situation.

ESPN SP+ Rankings ($)

Since it is a paid article I can save you a click: Boise State is 64th while BYU is 74.

It’s not a predictive thing. Mostly just how well each team does. But the data is is always fun to look at.

You can find the SP+ picks here. There’s a reason the games are played but this isn’t a bad prediction.

You somewhat of a gambler?

Boise State opens as a seven point favorite against BYU.

Obviously the games still need to be played. But Vegas is liking this matchup (so far). I, for one, hate this matchup and am glad it won’t be played going forward. (Yes, I get it’s a huge draw but these games always end up stupid.)

Boise State has finally crept into the ‘good offense, good defense’ quadrant

Our long national nightmare is over. We still have four more games left to go. But it would be nice to see the ‘good offense’ part go up a bit more.


I think this one is a repost but it has been a bit: eel slap.