Well that could have definitely gone better. Despite the ending, the Broncos were always in the fight and had their opportunities. But I am going to get ahead of this: the officials do not get a Game Ball.

Game Ball One:

Taylen Green

Mr. Green is going to be a problem for opposing defenses for the next few years. The Redshirt Freshman went 17-23, 220 yards with two touchdowns. He made some really close throws (threading the needling) but avoided any costly interceptions. He did have the one strip-sack but can’t win them all. He’s going to have sky-high expectations going into next year.

Congratulations, Mr. Green!

Game Ball Two:

George Holani

Mr. Holani does he does best: score touchdowns. He “only” had 73 yards on the night but he capitalized with two touchdowns. A Holani touchdown is a sight to see.

Congratulations, Mr. Holani!

Game Ball Three:

Latrell Caples

Mr. Caples really came through for the Broncos on their first scoring drive. He caught the three passes thrown to him and made sure he scored when the Broncos ran that pick play (that wasn’t called). He had 81 yards receiving and five catches on six targets.

Congratulations, Mr. Caples!

Game Ball Four:

Eric McAlister

The big-bodied freshmen is really coming out of his shell. To the tune of two catchs for 33 yards and a TD. His TD catch was an absolute thing of beauty by getting one foot on his way out. It will be nice to see his contributions going forward.

Congratulations, Mr. McAlister!

Game Ball Five:

JL Skinner

Mr. Skinner, Agent Zero, had himself a decent night. He was third in tackles wish six, four solo, but he also had an INT. He did slip on a Hall run but he kept his wheels going and ended up with the tackle. Leaders gonna lead.

Congratulations, Mr. Skinner!

Your Turn

Was a rough one on Saturday. But thems the breaks sometimes. Who else gets a Game Ball?