I was feeling low so my wife put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Earth.”

That meant the world to me.

You ever wanted to take a virtual walking tour of Boise State?

Well here you go! Or you can send this to someone who is trying to make some decisions. I know they often edit these with an agenda but at least it gives some points of interest. There are some other places on here as well.

UNR is a three touchdown underdog next week

Listen, game still needs to be played, yada, yada, yada, but Boise State needs to take out some anger on these guys.

The UNR Wolf Pack finna get this aggression on the revenge tour from last year. I really need this to happen, Broncos.

ESPN SP+ rankings

Boise State clocks in at 64. Highest of the Mountain West. Not bad, I suppose.


Here is a staggering beauty. WARNING: There are flashing lights and images so if you are sensitive to that, please proceed with caution.