I once entered the world kleptomaniac championships.

I took gold, silver and bronze.

Broncos Athletics secured some dollars for an upgrade

This update is going to be pretty slick for the Broncos an Albertsons Stadium. And since funding is secured (that isn’t public) we should be able to see these upgrades go in pretty soon.

Broncos add another recruit commitment

Mr. Brown is a three-star DE recruit from Texas. Check out his announcement tweet.

Brown had a bevy of others, most notable being Louisiana, Tulane, and Oregon State. Glad he made the right decision to join the Broncos.

Looks like Broncos MBB is going to share some hardware

That’s a lot of words/letters to fit on those rings. Being replicas my guess it would make it hard to actually try and wear, but still fun.

If any FKWG readers happen to get one, you should show it off!


You know what they say, “always judge a book by its cover.” NOTE: Some of the books are.. inappropriate… at best. So please proceed with caution (or at least not while at work).