The people grumble about the lack of snaps for our boys on the other side, but they’ll get their shoot soon. Plus a Cedrick Wilson sighting, and a Blue’n Orange jersey swap.

He’s also played in all three phases in the NFL, because you know, he’s Avery Williams.
Bills fans are rightly restless, give them Shakir
Remembering the season Cedrick had a billions yards, good times.
And why should he?
There might be a sensitive content warning on this one? Please be sensitive when reverencing this pristine photo of four Bronco greats.
Reminisce in this majestic frolic down the center of the field, courtesy of the McWeapon.
Charles Leno is such a big part of every team he’s on, it’s awesome.
Aux control is true leadership

Current list for active/practice squad that I used: